Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Night Divertissement:
The Album Cover Game (modified)

1. You come up with a name for your band by either using your blog title or going to Wikipedia and hitting "random article" and using the title of whatever article comes up first as the name of your band. I just tried it and it came up with "Black-tailed Dasyure" which has a sultry, jazzy feeling about it but is really a marsupial of some sort.

2. The title of your album is the last four or five words of whatever comes up when you go to and hit "random quotes".

3. For the artwork go to Flickr and find "explore the last seven days". Your album artwork is the 3rd picture which comes up. That and nothing else. Expand the photo to its maximum size and you should be able to download it.

4. Have fun with a photo editor. I just used Paint.NET which is free and easy to use.

My dad's blog is called Elderly Eclectic Gentleman. I'm going to hazard a guess that my dad's got quite a lot on this next couple of weeks so here goes, Dad.

Thanks to That Hideous Man for the suggestion


That Hideous Man said...

The Deutsche Grammophon completes it beautifully!

rrchapman said...

For an album title, I had "always conform to our whim." The album art was a young 20ish female walking through a forest.

I won't go there, at least with something in public.